Learning Guide: Quality Basics

Maximize learning from the video course with this handy booklet.

Quality Basics Learning Guide

This guide accompanies the video course Quality Basics. The booklet (quiz included) supports learning, and serves as a reference and reminder later on. Each viewer of the course should have their own copy.

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The guide is designed to follow the text of the video Quality Basics. It highlights key points, gives viewers space for taking notes and includes a quiz that tests knowledge and retention of material. All staff watching the DVD should have a copy of the guide to keep and use as a reference, so order as many guides as needed.

The guide consists of 26 pages, divided into 9 sections:


What is quality?

Why is quality important?

Aspects of quality

What is your role in achieving quality?


About the Learning Guide


Memory challenge

One Learning Guide and one answer sheet.

How many pages
The Learning Guide has 26 pages.

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