Hybrid ISO 9001 Certification

Combine the advantages of DIY implementation with professional consultancy.

Hybrid ISO 9001 Certification

Obtain your ISO 9001 certification through our Hybrid Approach. This innovative method seamlessly integrates the benefits of Do-It-Yourself implementation with targeted consultancy, offering you the flexibility to customize your ISO 9001 implementation according to your specific organizational needs. By leveraging our ISO 9001 Certification Toolkit in conjunction with tailored consultancy services, our comprehensive solution ensures a successful journey towards certification.

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Hybrid ISO 9001 Certification is ideal for small and medium-sized organizations globally seeking expert support to complement their Do-It-Yourself implementation.

At the core of this approach lies our ISO 9001 Certification Toolkit, complemented by specific consultancy services. While the toolkit offers a cost-effective, straightforward, and efficient means to establish an effective in-house ISO 9001 system and achieve certification promptly, the supplementary targeted consultancy can address specific concerns, potentially leading to expedited certification, the removal of obstacles, improved ISO systems, and increased efficiency.

The Hybrid Approach is designed to be accessible, providing training, step-by-step instructions, pre-written documentation templates, and all essential resources, regardless of prior experience.

Our system prioritizes streamlined, non-bureaucratic processes that yield tangible benefits for your daily operations. It fosters widespread ownership within your organization, a crucial element in ensuring the long-term viability of your certification.

What to Expect

By using the Hybrid Approach, you will quickly and easily get a complete and business-friendly ISO 9001 system in place, ready for certification.

What's Included

The Hybrid Approach seamlessly integrates tailored services with your Certification Toolkit. As the client, you have the autonomy to determine the necessary services, thereby ensuring a perfectly customized solution. Below are typical examples that illustrate how this service is effectively utilized.

Gap Analysis & Implementation Plan

The Gap Analysis & Implementation Plan service offers you a confident start to in-house ISO 9001 implementation by leveraging a tailored implementation plan designed by experienced consultants after analyzing your company's processes. This sets the stage for a smooth and successful certification process. Our service is particularly valuable in the following scenarios:

Solving Startup Issues: Alleviate the common struggle of initiating ISO implementation, especially if your organization is facing uncertainty or inertia in taking the first steps.

Generating Support: Overcome challenges in garnering support for ISO implementation, as our experts specialize in creating buy-in and enthusiasm among executives and managers.

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ISO 9001 Consulting Service

Our senior consultants bring invaluable expertise to the table, addressing specific issues, implementing best practices, and contributing to the overall success of your ISO 9001 implementation. This service is instrumental in situations such as:

Increasing Efficiency: Beyond ISO 9001 implementation, our consultants offer insights and best practices to optimize your organizational processes.

Addressing Critical Processes: Companies with high-risk or sensitive processes benefit from the specialized expertise of our consultants in developing custom solutions.

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ISO 9001 Internal Audit Service

Optimize your operational processes by outsourcing your internal audit program to our experienced, IRCA registered lead auditors. This service is beneficial in scenarios like

Solving Resource Issues: Companies with resource constraints find this service particularly valuable, as it provides comprehensive audit coverage without the need for internal resources.

Preparation for the Certification Audit: Our audit process not only ensures certification readiness but also offers valuable improvement recommendations and best practices.

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Document Review

Our experienced lead auditors meticulously review your customized Quality Management Manual to ensure ISO 9001 compliance and provide improvement recommendations for optimal processes.

Enhancing Procedures:
Use our Document Review service to assess the effectiveness of your procedures in meeting ISO 9001 requirements and to receive valuable improvement suggestions.

Achieving Peace of Mind: Engage our auditors to validate the compliance of your extensive modifications with the ISO standard, providing both perfect documentation and peace of mind.

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How to Get Started


Purchase the ISO 9001 Certification Toolkit
Begin by configuring the ISO 9001 Certification Toolkit during checkout to align with your organization's requirements.


Add Targeted Consultancy
Select one or more of our services to complement the toolkit and create a custom solution tailored to your needs. Most companies utilizing the Hybrid Approach add the Gap Analysis & Implementation Plan service at this stage, with the flexibility to incorporate other services as necessary. For personalized assistance, feel free to reach out to us.


Start Using the Project Guide
Follow the guidance provided by our Project Guide, meticulously outlining each step of the implementation process. The toolkit also equips you with essential tools, including comprehensive training for the individual spearheading the implementation of ISO 9001, along with tailored courses for employees and executives.

Note that these training courses are completed at the beginning of the implementation process and prior to our consultancy services.

Meet Our ISO 9001 Consultants

Colin Gray

Colin Gray

With over 30 years of consulting, training, and auditing experience, Colin has designed and implemented ISO 9001 systems in hundreds of companies. He is an IRCA registered Lead Auditor, a well-known speaker, and an experienced trainer. more

Robin Bathurst

Robin Bathurst

Robin has over 20 years experience in ISO 9001 quality management in the medical testing, medical devices, and manufacturing industries. In addition to implementing efficient quality management systems and advanced process controls, she is an effective instructor and IRCA Certified Lead Auditor. more

Andrew O'Reilly

Andrew O'Reilly

Andrew boasts more than 25 years of ISO 9001 experience in the financial and service industries, as well as traditional manufacturing. As a skilled consultant, he has a passion for improving operational processes and sustaining performance gains. Andrew is an IRCA Certified Lead Auditor, ASQ-certified Six Sigma Black Belt, and a Prosci-certified Change Management Practitioner. more

Simon Keller

Simon Keller

Simon has over 25 years of experience in education and ISO 9001 quality management. He is our lead author and has worked with a team of external experts to design our documentation templates and guidelines. Simon excels at explaining complex topics in simple language and setting up efficient ISO systems. more

Melodi Nelson

Melodi Nelson

Boasting more than 25 years of prowess in ISO 9001 quality management, internal controls, and certifications, Melodi's expertise spans the food industry. She excels in amalgamating ISO 9001 into diverse management systems and streamlining processes. As an IRCA-registered QMS Lead Auditor, Melodi is a compelling educator for our accredited ISO 9001 courses. more

Carl Fallon

Carl Fallon

Carl brings abundant experience as a management consultant in implementing ISO 9001 at small and midsize enterprises across North America and Asia. With a fervor for simplifying operations and enhancing efficiencies, Carl has significantly contributed to the creation of our guidebooks and training courses. more

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ISO 9001 Certification Toolkit and one or more consultancy services depending on your needs

For remote consulting, participants will need to be connected through video conferencing. To enable our consultant to virtually visit work areas, ensure you have a mobile device with video conferencing capabilities. Our consultant will also require full access to your company's processes and the opportunity to meet with executive staff, department managers, and employees.

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