Should I Really Choose Online Training?

31 March 2024

As professionals seeking the most effective and convenient training solutions, it's crucial to explore all available options. While traditional classroom training has its merits, it also comes with logistical constraints. However, high-quality e-learning is emerging as an ideal format for training, aligning with the demands of a dynamic professional landscape.

This article explores the advantages of choosing high-quality e-learning as a training solution and provides practical strategies for selecting a reputable provider.

High-Quality E-Learning: The Gold Standard

When considering high-quality e-learning, it's essential to understand the key components that distinguish it from standard online courses. At 9001Simplified, our high-quality e-learning courses are meticulously designed by a cross-functional team of senior experts. The learning content is thoughtfully developed, ensuring a logical flow of lessons presented by professional e-learning instructors. Visual aids, such as rich animations, graphics, diagrams, and video clips, enhance the learning experience. Additionally, interactive quizzes are integrated to gauge progress, fostering a comprehensive and engaging educational journey.

As an Exemplar Global Certified Training Provider and Examiner under the Training Provider and Examiner Certification Scheme (TPECS) (see our badge), we offer professionals more than just the confidence in the quality of our courses. We provide an assurance that our training certifications hold worldwide recognition, setting professionals on a path to global success. The presence of Exemplar Global Competency Units on our Certificates of Attainment is testimony to the successful acquisition of specialized knowledge and skills, setting professionals apart as experts in their field. 9001Simplified is authorized to issue Competency Units in the fields of Quality Management (QM), Auditing Management Systems (AU), and Leading Team Audits (TL).

The Advantages of Our Online Training Format

The online format of our courses also offers several advantages over other types of training:

Flexibility of Location
The flexibility to study in the comfort of your chosen location – whether in the office, at home, or even by the beach – provides professionals with the freedom to tailor their learning environment to their individual preferences.

Customizable Schedule
The liberty to learn at any time, aligning with your unique schedule, empowers professionals to seamlessly integrate learning into their daily routines, enhancing overall productivity and work-life balance.

Personalized Pace
The option to adjust the pace of learning allows for a tailored educational journey. Whether speeding through content or revisiting lessons as needed, this flexibility accommodates individual learning styles.

Device Compatibility
Our online training is accessible on any internet-connected device, eliminating the need for specialized software or setup. Furthermore, the seamless transition between devices enhances convenience and accessibility.

Autonomous Learning
The independence to engage in self-directed learning sets online training apart, liberating professionals from the constraints of coordinating schedules with other learners in a traditional classroom or training center.

Minimal Disruption
Online training mitigates the need to halt entire operations for mass training sessions, offering the convenience of independent, incremental learning.

Not only is online training often more economical than traditional public classes, but it also eliminates the associated travel expenses, making it a financially astute choice for professionals and organizations.

Immediate Commencement
With our online training, professionals have the advantage of commencing their educational journey immediately upon payment, eliminating unnecessary delays and maximizing efficiency.

Employers recognize the value of the features offered by our online training. These benefits extend beyond just large organizations with dispersed workforces; even small companies appreciate how the flexibility of our online training simplifies the task of incorporating training into busy work schedules. By allowing employees to access training materials at their convenience, our online platform minimizes business disruptions and saves costs associated with travel and logistics.

Selection Strategies

Not all training providers offer top-notch courses. To ensure that the online training chosen is of the highest quality, it's vital to employ discerning strategies when selecting a course or provider. Look for reputable institutions with a track record of excellence and accreditation from recognized bodies such as Exemplar Global.

Additionally, seek out testimonies and reviews from previous participants to gauge the quality of the courses offered. Thoroughly evaluate the course content and structure and pay attention if the course is presented by a professional instructor in accent-free English as opposed to a computer-generated voice, and if rich graphics are used to support learning. The availability of comprehensive course materials, interactive elements, and responsive support systems are also key indicators of a high-quality online training program.


The advantages of high-quality online training are multifaceted, offering flexibility, accessibility, and cost-effectiveness. By embracing the benefits of online training and employing vigilant selection strategies, professionals can enhance their skill set and adapt to the evolving demands of their industry with confidence and competence.

To ensure an optimal return on your investment in professional development, explore our selection of high-quality online training.

Naomi Sato

Naomi Sato

Consultant and Product Manager

Naomi holds dual responsibility as an ISO 9001 consultant and product manager, and is an enthusiastic contributor to our online and print resources.

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