ISO 9001:2015 Lead Auditor Training

Master ISO 9001 auditing with our comprehensive on-demand training.

ISO 9001:2015 Lead Auditor Training

Praxis-oriented, comprehensive training that equips you with the necessary knowledge and skills to conduct solo audits and lead audit teams; it also includes detailed explanations of all ISO 9001 requirements from the auditor's point of view, and the setup and management of an audit program. Delivered in a high-quality online format incorporating interactive elements, real-life examples, and practical advice, the course is on demand – so you can learn anytime, anywhere.

About 30 hours (on demand) | Materials included

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The ISO 9001:2015 Lead Auditor Training provides you with the comprehensive skill set to manage an audit program and conduct effective audits as either a solo auditor or leader of an audit team. However, this program does not provide official certification.

This self-paced, interactive online training is available on demand, fitting your schedule no matter when and where you want to study. The course is designed to take about 20-30 hours, but you have the flexibility to go at your own pace. Our bite-sized modules make it easy for you to understand and digest content.

Revised in 2023, this course is fully compliant with ISO 9001:2015 and ISO 19011:2018 and incorporates the latest interpretations and best practices.


Upon completion of this course, you will:

Have the practical skills to conduct a complete internal or external audit, including preparation, opening and closing meetings, auditing, and writing audit reports

Be able to conduct solo audits, as well as manage and lead a team of auditors

Know how to set up and operate an audit program

Be able to add business value to audits and your company's audit program


We start by giving you an overview of the characteristics and operational processes you can expect in an effective ISO system. Next, we explain in detail all ISO requirements from the auditor's perspective and the kind of evidence they would seek to verify their effective implementation. We then teach you various auditing techniques to help sharpen your auditing skills. Lastly, we focus on setting up and managing an audit program and leading team audits. With many practical examples, this intensive course not only develops competent lead auditors but also provides them with the skills to add value to the company's audit program.

The thoughtfully designed curriculum, down-to-earth explanation of the ISO requirements, and the countless examples and practical tips we provide all contribute to effective and enjoyable learning. As a trusted Exemplar Global Certified Training Provider and Examiner, we assure you that this online course is of the highest quality.

Course Content

The course combines lectures, videos and practical examples.


ISO 9001 – The Basics
Our course begins with a thorough overview of ISO 9001, delving into what it is, what it is used for, and how it applies to different organizations. By exploring the potential benefits and certification requirements of ISO 9001, participants gain a solid understanding of its impact on employees and their work. Additionally, we provide valuable insights into identifying common mistakes that lead to ineffective ISO 9001 systems.

The Foundation and Structure of ISO 9001
This crucial section of the course focuses on two key elements that shape the understanding of ISO 9001: Annex SL and the Quality Management Principles. Participants receive an in-depth explanation of Annex SL and its significance in the realm of management systems. Furthermore, we thoroughly examine each of the seven Quality Management Principles that form the bedrock of ISO 9001, empowering learners to interpret the requirements and ensure compliance in various situations.

The Process Approach and PDCA Cycle
At the heart of ISO 9001 lie the Process Approach and the PDCA (Plan-Do-Check-Act) Cycle, intricately interconnected concepts that are explored exhaustively in our course. Combining theoretical knowledge with practical examples from diverse industries, we facilitate a comprehensive understanding of these fundamental aspects, enabling participants to conduct the necessary process audits with confidence and precision.

ISO 9001:2015 Requirements
In this section, participants gain a profound comprehension of each ISO 9001:2015 requirement. With a meticulous breakdown of the meaning and intent behind each requirement, we provide detailed guidance on interpreting them in different scenarios and applying them effectively across various organizations. Throughout the 31 lessons, participants are provided with numerous real-life examples to reinforce their understanding, and each clause's discussion concludes with valuable tips on verifying compliance.

ISO 9001:2015 Documentation
The importance of documentation in ISO 9001 systems and auditing cannot be overstated. In this module, we offer a comprehensive explanation of the different types of documented information and their potential formats. We also review the mandatory documents and records stipulated by ISO 9001:2015, along with additional recommended ones commonly found in effective ISO systems.

Introduction to Internal Audits
To establish a strong foundation in auditing, participants are first introduced to the basics. We delve into essential topics such as audit program concepts, the various types of audits, and the roles key actors play in the process. This section also sheds light on the significant benefits organizations can reap from a well-implemented audit program. Moreover, we explore different audit approaches tailored to specific circumstances.

Our comprehensive training covers every step of the audit process, equipping participants with the necessary skills to excel. From audit preparation and planning, including feasibility checks and risk-based approaches, to conducting the audit itself, participants learn the intricacies of every facet. Throughout the lessons, we address various scenarios participants may encounter and provide techniques for handling them effectively. The module culminates in instruction on preparing an audit report, completing the audit, and following up on findings.

Setting Up an Internal Audit Program
This module empowers participants with the ability to establish and manage internal audit programs, offering a substantial advantage over other Lead Auditors. We begin by outlining the components of an audit program and clarifying the role of the audit program manager. Participants then dive into the details of setting up an internal audit program, including addressing risks and opportunities. Comprehensive guidance is provided on developing an internal audit schedule, along with other necessary documentation and tools. Additionally, we explore methods of managing the audit program and strategies to optimize its value for the organization.

Managing and Leading Team Audits
The final part of the course imparts the critical knowledge and skills required to effectively coordinate and manage team audits as a lead auditor. Participants gain a thorough understanding of the lead auditor's responsibilities and necessary competencies. Building upon this foundation, we guide participants through each step of the audit process, from preparation and planning to follow-up. Topics covered include team coordination, achieving consensus, and managing conflict and disputes.


Included Materials

Study Guide
The course includes a comprehensive 335-page Study Guide that summarizes the entire course. Download and utilize it to follow the lectures, take notes, and as a reference and reminder of what you have learned.

Audit Checklist
We provide an audit checklist template, complete with customization instructions. This allows freshly trained auditors to start auditing without delay.

List of Required Documents and Records
Also included is a guide that clearly outlines which documents and records are strictly required by ISO 9001:2015, which ones are recommended, and which ones can be omitted.

No Examination and Certification

Please note that this course does not include the lead auditor examination and certification. However, if you desire the prestigious ISO 9001 Lead Auditor Certification and its associated professional and career benefits, we encourage you to consider our ISO 9001:2015 Lead Auditor Certification Training instead.

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ISO 9001 Online Lead Auditor Training

Course Certificate

Upon completion of the training, you will receive a Certificate of Attendance with the following features:

3.0 Continuing Education Units (CEUs) for professional development

Authenticity verification via blockchain technology

Secure addition to your online resume

Digital integration with LinkedIn, Twitter, and other social media platforms

Certificate: ISO 9001:2015 Lead Auditor Training

Benefits of our Online Training

How does our course format benefit learners and employers?

Flexibility for Learners

Our on-demand access allows learners to personalize their learning schedules, optimizing time management. Study independently wherever you are, whether it's in the office, at home, or by the beach. You can manage the duration and frequency of your study sessions. The self-paced course and exam can be taken on any device and paused and resumed as needed. Experience the convenience and time savings that on-demand flexibility offers.

Cost Savings for Corporations

Our course provides on-demand flexibility, resulting in reduced downtime for employees. This translates into significant cost savings for employers. With our online training, both time and resources are effectively utilized.

Convenience for Corporations

Corporate buyers can easily purchase bulk course access and utilize our online course management dashboard to assign employees to purchased courses, as well as monitor their progress. Simply purchase the required course quantity and gain instant access to the online dashboard upon payment.

Branding and Delivery Options for Corporations

We aim to provide corporations with options that align our courses tightly with their branding and technical resources.

Custom Branding If you require our course player and materials to reflect your corporate identity, we offer a custom branding package. This package includes a course player with your company name, logo, and coloring scheme. Additionally, you can enjoy a custom URL (e.g., and have the Study Guide branded with your company name and logo. A one-time customization fee of USD 1,990.00 applies. Please contact us to specify your needs.

Your Own LMS We also enable corporations to run our courses on their own Learning Management System (LMS). This option allows for tighter integration with their own HR and training processes. Please contact us to specify your requirements.

Educational Approach

Educational Approach

Our learning content is logically structured, gradually developed, and easy to understand. Numerous real-life examples are provided to illustrate the subject matter, and practical tips and best practices are offered for immediate application. Engaging stand-alone and scenario-based quizzes help you understand the learning content.

Professional E-learning Instructor

Authors and Presenters

This course has been meticulously designed and developed in-house by our team of senior consultants and experienced instructors. It has undergone rigorous quality and effectiveness audits. All lessons are expertly presented by our professional e-learning instructor in clear, accent-free English.

Graphics and Animations

Award-Winning Design

Lessons in our course are beautifully illustrated by our award-winning graphic designer. The use of multimedia elements such as rich animations, videos, and text creates an enjoyable and effective learning experience, reinforcing the learning content and concepts.

Login credentials for course / course management dashboard, downloadable materials, course certificate

Technical Requirements
A computer, tablet, or smartphone with internet access (high speed connection not essential)

No prior knowledge of ISO 9001 required. You need to have a copy of the ISO 9001:2015 standard available.

Duration & Schedule
About 30 hours to complete | 3.0 CEUs
Self-paced and on-demand

Revised April 2023 | Compliant with ISO 9001:2015 and ISO 19011:2018

Technical support and instructor access available as needed

Money-Back Guarantee
Comprehensive 30-Day Money-Back Guarantee for risk-free purchase

Course Access
Immediate access after payment for 3 months (extendable)

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