ISO 9001:2015 Auditor Training

Interactive e-learning on demand

ISO 9001:2015 Auditor Training

Praxis-oriented training that teaches you how to conduct value-adding audits at your company. The comprehensive course includes detailed explanations of all ISO 9001 requirements from the auditor's point of view. This high-quality online training is Exemplar Global accredited, in multimedia format, interactive, and full of real-life examples and practical tips. On demand – so you can learn anywhere and anytime. Official Auditor Certification included.

About 20 hours (on demand) | Materials included | Exemplar Global certified

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4.8 out of 5 stars

54 reviews

"How-to" course with practical tips, tricks and requirements training

Your schedule
Learn anywhere and anytime – pause and resume as needed

Outstanding quality
Thoughtful curriculum and award-winning presentation

Get certified
Graduates become Certified ISO 9001 Auditors



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Become a Certified ISO 9001 Auditor. The ISO 9001:2015 Auditor Training provides you with the official certification and comprehensive skill set to conduct effective internal audits.

First we give you an overview of the characteristics and operational processes you can expect in an effective ISO system. The course then explains all ISO requirements and the kind of evidence an auditor would seek to verify their effective implementation. Next we teach you auditing techniques and the various responsibilities of QMS auditors.

Our down-to-earth explanation of the ISO requirements and the countless examples and practical tips all contribute to developing competent auditors with the skills to add value to the company. Released in mid 2022, this course incorporates the latest interpretations and best practices. This accredited course meets the requirements of ISO 19011, and is accepted worldwide.

It's online training of the highest quality – certified by Exemplar Global.

The interactive online training is self-paced and on-demand; it takes about 20 hours to complete. Take it anywhere and anytime, and pause and resume as needed to make the program fit your personal schedule.

The course includes your official ISO 9001 Auditor Certification as evidenced by a powerful Certificate of Attainment with Exemplar Global Competency Units. Your prestigious credentials are accepted worldwide. Your certification also satisfies the training and competency requirements for individuals seeking registration under the Exemplar Global Auditor Registration Scheme.

This intensive online course is targeted at members of an internal audit team. If you are planning to conduct solo audits, work for a registrar, or own auditing projects, you'll need the certification and skills you get with our online ISO 9001:2015 Lead Auditor Training instead.

Learning Objectives

Upon completion of this course, participants will:

Have the practical skills to conduct a complete internal audit, including preparation, opening and closing meetings, auditing, and writing audit reports

Be able to add business value to audits and your company's audit program

Course Content

The course combines lectures, videos and practical examples.


ISO 9001 - The Basics

The Foundation and Structure of ISO 9001

The Process Approach and PDCA Cycle

ISO 9001:2015 Requirements

ISO 9001:2015 Documentation

Introduction to Internal Audits




The course includes the Auditor Exam. The assessment is optional, in multiple-choice format, has a passing score of 70%, no time limit, and can be re-taken unlimited times without charge.

After completing the exam, you'll receive your official Auditor Certification as evidenced by a powerful Certificate of Attainment. If you forgo or fail the exam, you'll still receive a Certificate of Attendance as proof of training.


This course is designed for individuals with little or no previous knowledge of ISO 9001. You need to have a copy of the ISO 9001:2015 standard at hand when taking this course.

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This is how!

See for yourself why our ISO 9001:2015 Auditor Training is perfect if you want to become an expert auditor and qualify yourself as an Exemplar Global Certified Auditor.


ISO 9001 Online Auditor Training

Exemplar Global Accredited Training

9001Simplified is an Exemplar Global Certified Training Provider and Examiner. Students successfully completing the course receive a Certificate of Attainment with the QM and AU Exemplar Global Competency Units. Benefits for students include:

Our accreditation means that this course meets international standards and you're learning from the best.

Competency Units are more than evidence of training – they are proof of successfully acquired competence.

Your Exemplar Global Certificate of Attainment ensures that your credentials will be accepted worldwide.

Certification also satisfies the training and competency requirements for individuals seeking registration under the Exemplar Global Auditor Registration Scheme.

As a graduate you'll gain access to a wide range of business development tools and the exclusive ExemplarLink community where you can interact with other graduates and industry professionals.

Training Provider & Examiner Certification Scheme

Convenient for Individuals and Corporations

Learners study independently whenever and wherever they choose, no matter if in the office, at home or by the beach. Pause and resume the self-paced course as and when needed.

Corporate buyers may use the online course management dashboard to assign employees to purchased courses and monitor their progress. Simply select the course quantity you need and get instant access to the online dashboard upon payment.

Become a Certified Auditor

Translate your training into career success!   As a graduate of this course, you'll become a Certified ISO 9001 Auditor with impressive credentials. Your powerful certification includes:

Achievement certified and 2 CEUs awarded by the International Standards Corporation to fulfill continuing education requirements.

The prestigious Exemplar Global accreditation mark ensures worldwide acceptance.

Includes the Exemplar Global Competency Units QM and AU as evidence that competence has been acquired.

Certifications are verified by Accredible, blockchain-secured, and accessible online to promote your achievements.

With only a click of the mouse, you can share your achievements on LinkedIn, Twitter and other social media, or add your digital certificate to an online resume.

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High Quality Training

Highest Quality

Learning content is logically developed and easy to understand. Plenty of real-life examples illustrate the subject matter, and the numerous practical tips and best practices can be readily applied.

Professional E-learning Instructor

Authors and Presenters

The course has been designed in-house by our ISO consultants and instructors, and is carefully presented by our e-learning instructor in clear, accent-free English.

Graphics and Animations

Award-Winning Design

Lessons are illustrated by our award-winning designer. The multimedia format with its rich animations, video, and text creates a learning experience that's both enjoyable and effective.

Study Guide

Included Materials

Study Guide
Included is a Study Guide that summarizes the entire course in 288 pages. Download and use it to follow the lectures and take notes, to prepare yourself for the optional final exam, and as a reference and reminder of what you have learned.

Audit Checklist
The course includes an audit checklist template, complete with customization instructions, so that freshly trained auditors can start auditing without delay.

List of Required Documents and Records
Also included is a guide that shows which documents and records are strictly required by ISO 9001:2015, which are recommended, and which can be omitted.

The ISO 9001:2015 Auditor Training is

Audit ISO 9001

You want to serve as a member of an audit team

Understand ISO

You want audit skills and the ability to add business value

Save time

You need the flexibility to take your training anytime and anywhere to fit your schedule

Certified Auditor

You seek to improve your career opportunities as a Certified ISO 9001 Auditor

Suitable for organizations of any size and industry worldwide.

What's included
Login credentials for course / course management dashboard, Study Guide, Audit Checklist, List of Required Documents and Records, and a course certificate.

A computer, tablet or smartphone, and internet access. High speed connection isn't essential.

The course takes about 20 hours to complete (on-demand) with 2 CEUs.

Released April 2022 / compliant with ISO 9001:2015 and ISO 19011:2018

Technical support and access to an instructor are available when needed.

30-Day Money-Back Guarantee
Buy without risk and get a full refund if you're not completely satisfied.

Course access
Access to this course is available immediately after payment for 3 months (can be extended).

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