ISO 9001:2015 Basics - Learning Guide

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This learning guide accompanies the DVD course ISO 9001:2015 Basics. Each viewer should have a learning guide booklet when viewing the video course in order to gain the most benefits from the course.

ISO 9001:2015 Basics Learning Guide

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Product Overview

The ISO 9001:2015 Basics Learning Guide is a workbook that accompanies the DVD course. It's a well-designed booklet that allows the viewer to gain the most of the course.

Each viewer of this DVD Course should have their own, personal learning guide booklet at the time the multimedia video is viewed. Please order additional learning guides if needed.

Product Summary

Learning Guide

26 pages

Included Items

1 learning guide

1 answer sheet

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This learning guide includes the following chapters:


ISO 9001 benefits for customers

ISO 9001 benefits for the company

ISO 9001 benefits for employees

What is ISO 9001?

What does ISO 9001 require?

Basic Aspects of an ISO 9001 system

Certification - what is it?

What next?

About the learning guide

Memory test

An answer sheet for the memory test is included.


Contributes to Successful Learning

Professional appearance
This learning guide is professionally designed, printed and bound.

Efficient learning
Key learning points are highlighted for easy scanning and efficient learning.

Active learning
Viewers use the learning guide to follow along the video presentation and take notes.

Training library
The learning guide includes the text of the training course allowing the course viewer to later review and refresh knowledge.

Memory challenge
At the end of the learning guide is a comprehensive quiz to check retention of training materials. Answer sheet included.

Evidence of training
The completed quiz can serve as evidence of training and successful achievement of learning goals.

Up to 40% volume discounts - so it's inexpensive to give each viewer their own learning guide.

Quality You Can Trust

New: specifically developed for ISO 9001:2015.

Up-to-date: compliant with all ISO 9001:2015 requirements and up-to-date with the latest commonly accepted interpretations.

Developed by a cross-functional team of experts. Over 20 years of ISO 9001 experience.

Money-Back Guarantee: try this learning guide risk-free and get a refund if not fully satisfied.

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You may, however, consider purchasing this learning guide risk-free and get a full refund if you are not completely satisfied. Please see our Money-Back Guarantee for details.

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5 out of 5 stars

5 star



4 star



3 star



2 star



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See all 1 reviews

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