Quality Basics - Quality is Everyone's Job!

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This motivating DVD training course is designed to sharpen employee awareness and commitment to quality and customer satisfaction. The short 16-minute video is just right to keep employees motivated and onboard the ISO 9001 system.

Quality Basics

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Course Overview

Multimedia Video Training

This DVD video presentation trains employees in the concepts of quality and customer satisfaction in a straight forward, no-nonsense manner. The training course discusses - in easy-to-understand language - what quality is, the importance of quality to the company's success, and the four basic guidelines for assuring satisfactory quality. Further, this DVD course addresses how every employee is involved in quality and customer satisfaction. This multimedia video course supports employee commitment to quality and customer satisfaction.

Course Objectives

This praxis-oriented training addresses and engages all employees in an entertaining yet effective way; it's brief duration (16 minutes excluding discussion and quiz) and the engaging multimedia presentation ensure that employees remain interested and learn. The multimedia DVD training course, together with the accompanying workbook, is an ideal training tool. Simply show this video presentation to groups of employees to:

Develop employee commitment to quality and customer satisfaction

Motivate all employees and set the stage for your company's ISO 9001 implementation

Maintain and refresh a corporate culture that focuses on quality

Authors and Instructors

This motivational training program has been designed by ISO 9001 specialists with experience in ISO 9001 and teaching. For information and professional background of the authors, presenters and instructors of this ISO 9001 training course, please see the description of our company.

Learning Guide

This DVD course is complemented by the Quality Basics learning guide. Each viewer should have a learning guide booklet when viewing the video course. See below how the learning guide contributes to successful learning:

Professional appearance
Learning guides are professionally designed, printed and bound.

Efficient learning
Key learning points are highlighted for easy scanning and efficient learning.

Active learning
Viewers use the learning guide to follow along the video presentation and take notes.

Training library
The learning guide includes the text of the training course allowing the course viewer to later review and refresh knowledge.

Memory challenge
At the end of the learning guide is a comprehensive quiz to check retention of training materials. Answer sheet included.

Evidence of training
The completed quiz can serve as evidence of training and successful achievement of learning goals.

Each viewer of this DVD Course should have their own, personal learning guide booklet at the time the multimedia video is viewed. Therefore, be sure to order enough learning guide booklets when configuring your course purchase. Learning guides may also be ordered separately if you need more later on.

Course Certificate

This DVD training course includes a course certificate that can be downloaded, printed out and filled in for each student who completes this course.


This multimedia video training runs 16 minutes. This time does not include the time spent completing the quiz in the learning guide.

Is It Suitable for You?

The Quality Basics DVD course is multimedia video training that can be viewed using any DVD player worldwide. The course is ideal for:

ISO 9001 preparation: show this video to all employees in order to create a sense for quality in preparation for the ISO 9001 implementation.

Quality reminder: show this video to all employees in order to revive their commitment to quality and customer satisfaction whenever the company engages in a new push for quality.

Product Summary

Training Program

Format: DVD (region-free; works worldwide)

LMS / network license: optional (details)

Duration: 16 minutes

Included Items


1 learning guide

Course certificate

Technical support

Availability: in stock (ships within 1 business day)

Free shipping

Lesson Plan

This training video includes the following lessons:


What is quality?

Why is quality important?

Aspects of quality

What is your role in achieving quality?


Use the Quality Basics learning guide to follow along and take a quiz after completing the course.


Ideal for Businesses

Group learning
This DVD course may be presented to a group of employees. Use it as stand-along course, or pause the DVD at defined intervals for discussions and take a quiz in the learning guide. The presenter does NOT need to have any ISO 9001 knowledge.

Individual learning
This DVD may be independently watched by individuals at their convenience. You may require the employee to complete the quiz in the learning guide as evidence of training.

Efficient learning
Our DVD training program is in form of a multimedia video presentation that engages the viewer and keeps their interest. This rather brief course has the right length to provide the needed knowledge.

A single DVD can be used to provide training to any number of employees at the same site of your company.

We offer up to 40% volume discounts for the accompanying learning guide.

Quality You Can Trust

Consistent: the best instructors have fine-tuned course content and presentation. Whenever you take this course, you are guaranteed the same high quality.

Developed by a cross-functional team of experts. Over 20 years of ISO 9001 experience.

Money-Back Guarantee: try this DVD course risk-free and get a refund if not fully satisfied.

Demo Version

A demo version for the Quality Basics DVD training program is not available.

But why not "demo" the entire course? Consider purchasing this DVD course risk-free and get a full refund if you are not completely satisfied. Please see our Money-Back Guarantee for details.

Product Reviews

3.8 out of 5 stars

5 star



4 star



3 star



2 star



1 star



See all 4 reviews

Latest Customer Reviews

stars    by Jeremy Green  (UAE)  2/7/2020

Verified purchase

Good, quick course. We used it to 'gently' prepare our staff for ISO 9001 (next we'll show the ISO 9001 Basics video). So far so good, iteems we are getting them onboard of our quality initiative.

stars    by Curtis Meyer  (USA)  12/27/2017

Verified purchase

Exactly what I needed to keep our staff motivated and on "ISO" track.

stars    by Carlos Mendez  (USA)  12/2/2017

Verified purchase

I bought this DVD for alsmost 200 dollars to get ISO certified but it not even includes ISO 9000-2010!!

stars    by Marc Sawyers  (USA)  3/5/2017

Verified purchase

A bit dated but still useful to keep staff focused on quality. The concept of DVD training is great because it doesn't put any burden on the "teacher".

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