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Why use 9001Simplified?

Our unique, "simplified" approach to ISO 9001 is goal-oriented and geared towards adding value to your business. Our system not only gives you cost-effective ISO 9001 certification, it will also enhance your business operations and lead to increased productivity. Find out below how we achieve this and which special features contribute to our unique, "simplified" ISO 9001 system.

Cost-effective ISO 9001 Certification

Our unique and business-oriented approach makes it easy and inexpensive for you to implement ISO 9001 in-house and quickly achieve ISO 9001 certification.

More than just ISO 9001 Templates

Our solution to writing complex ISO 9001 documentation is simple: our authors developed unique templates and comprehensive customization instructions that allow any kind of business to easily create their personalized and complete ISO 9001 documentation. Simply customize the pre-written templates under our guidance.

Note that these are not your usual templates. Our templates are from ground up designed to benefit your business operations, starting with the ISO 9001 implementation. And if you use our ISO 9001 Complete Package, you will benefit from an integrated solution that also includes time-saving guidelines, important forms and special implementation tools.

5 Steps to ISO 9001 Certification

Our "simplified" system is designed to guide you to ISO 9001 certification in 5 steps that are straight-forward, free of bureaucratic hurdles and easy enough for beginners. We take a very practical approach that achieves its goals quickly without countless meetings, sub-committees and fancy Gantt charts.

Employee Acceptance

A key factor to the success of your ISO 9001 implementation is how employees and management perceive ISO 9001. With their full support, your ISO 9001 implementation efforts will be significantly easier. And this is another aspect that will make your ISO 9001 certification cost-effective: it is obvious how our unique system improves work processes so that employees will readily support the ISO 9001 implementation.

Free Consulting

Our products include free consulting by our team of ISO 9001 experts who are available 7 days a week to help you use our products to quickly achieve your ISO 9001 certification.

The result: quick and inexpensive ISO 9001 certification.

Increased Productivity

Many companies focus on getting their ISO 9001 certificate without realizing that maintaining their certification requires them to actually follow all the requirements of their ISO 9001 documentation in daily business operations. Cumbersome, bureaucratic and otherwise inefficient ISO 9001 documentation will, therefore, add an often significant burden and real cost to the business.

Our uniquely business-oriented approach to ISO 9001, on the other hand, will do the opposite: it will improve work processes and add real operational value to your business, and this will be reflected in your bottom line.

A Design Choice

Our approach to designing our ISO 9001 quality management system is to look at each of the ISO 9001:2015 requirements from a business point of view; then we design the most business-friendly processes that meet those requirements. Since this design choice was made at the very beginning and is at the very core of our "simplified" system, every single element of our ISO 9001 system will have a positive impact on your business operations.

Real Results

Any ISO 9001 certificate will provide valuable marketing benefits. Our unique, business-oriented system, however, will also lead to tangible, operational benefits that you will realize in day-to-day business operations: higher quality, lower cost, reduced rework, faster operations, and improved customer satisfaction. This aspect is where the design of your ISO 9001 system will have the most significant and lasting impact on your business.


Contrary to popular opinion, ISO 9001 does not need to be bureaucratic paperwork. We made it our goal to prove this point and create an ISO 9001 system that's fully ISO 9001:2015 compliant but without bureaucracy and unnecessary paperwork - and we succeeded.

Highly Efficient

Efficiency is key in any business. A good ISO 9001 system increases efficiency and productivity - not create an operational burden. Our unique approach to ISO 9001 is lean, goal-oriented and highly efficient so that your ISO 9001 system achieves all its intended benefits while using up only minimal resources in terms of time and money.

Please don't risk slowing down your business with a cumbersome ISO 9001 system.

Unique Features

User-friendly Integration of the entire ISO 9001 Documentation

We simplified the ISO 9001 documentation by fully integrating all required ISO 9001 documents into a single, easy-to-use document. The ISO 9001 Quality Management Manual includes all procedures and documents required by ISO 9001:2015:

the Quality Manual,

all ISO 9001 Procedures,

the Quality Policy,

the Scope Statement

a Process Flowchart.

By combining everything in a single document, we:

we eliminated the redundant paperwork and countless references that are so often found in other ISO 9001 systems, and

we provide you with a complete set of documentation – there are no additional documents to buy.

Template System for your ISO 9001 Documentation

We developed our products from ground up to be templates that can be customized to fit your company's specific circumstances. Our detailed customization instructions and tips allow you to easily create your personalized ISO 9001 documentation that works for you.

Remember, an ISO 9001 system that does not fit your company would be painful and expensive.

Business-Process Structure

Our ISO 9001 Quality Management Manual is uniquely structured to mirror your business processes. This unique feature reduces confusion about ISO 9001:2015 requirements and makes our ISO 9001 documentation easier to use and easier to implement

- and that's an important feature of a real business tool.

Bureaucracy Elimination at Sub-Process Level

ISO 9001 is - unfortunately - often considered bureaucratic and an administrative burden. We are taking a different approach by analyzing each process and sub-process in order to eliminate bureaucracy. The result is a lean quality management system that fully complies with all ISO 9001:2015 requirements but without excessive paperwork and bureaucracy.

This feature is not only crucial for your business - it also sets us apart from the other ISO 9001 documentation templates on the market.

Reduces Liability Exposure

Our ISO 9001 documentation templates were written in consultation with business attorneys in order to reduce your company's liability exposure. Examples are:

refined wording of the quality and procedures manuals – so that your ISO 9001 documentation cannot be used against you in a legal case

process to reduce liability exposure due to your vendors' faults

process to protect you from customer claims

Liability exposure can be a significant problem – our refined ISO 9001 procedures help mitigate this threat.

Analysis and Design for Efficiency

Every single procedure and instruction in our ISO 9001 documentation templates was created with this question in mind: "How does this ISO 9001:2015 requirement serve the company and increase its efficiency?"

Merely meeting ISO 9001:2015 requirements is not the difficult part - but converting these ISO 9001:2015 requirements into processes that make your company more efficient... that's our special expertise.

Optimized for quick ISO 9001 Certification

The quality of ISO 9001 documentation has a major impact on both, the effectiveness and efficiency of your ISO 9001 quality management system, as well as the ease and speed at which you'll implement it. With this in mind, we optimized our templates and guides to make your ISO 9001 implementation as easy as possible:

our ISO 9001 Quality Management Manual can be used for staff training;

our forms are self-explanatory and don't need additional instructions;

the business benefits of our ISO 9001 procedures and instructions are obvious, so that your staff and management will find them easy to accept and adopt;

our template system reduces the writing of ISO 9001 documentation to simple customization, saving you virtually hundreds of hours;

many explanations and tips help beginners understand ISO 9001:2015 requirements.

Designed for Companies with Single & Multiple Locations

Our ISO 9001 manuals are designed to work not only for single-site companies but also for companies with multiple physical locations – you don't have to duplicate your ISO 9001 system for each site (which would be quite inefficient). Our ISO 9001 Quality Management Manual already includes a multi-site system (which can be readily removed if your company has only one location).

Any company with multiple physical locations will find this unique feature extremely valuable.

Simple Language

Our ISO 9001 Quality Management Manual is written in clear, plain English to make it easy to use – without a dictionary. After all, your ISO 9001 documentation should be a business tool.

Try to read other ISO 9001 documents and you will appreciate the difference.

Professional Layout

Our ISO 9001 templates are professionally laid out with many illustrations and useful summaries in the side margin. This will make your ISO 9001 documentation not only more user-friendly but also reflect the professionalism of your company.

Free Consulting

Our products include free customer service by ISO 9001 experts (NOT a call center staffed by sales people). We are available 7 days a week and will provide quick and professional advice and assistance.

Cross-Functional Expertise

Our ISO 9001 templates and guides were developed in consultation with a cross-functional team of advisors with expertise not only in ISO 9001 but in all areas needed to develop a superior ISO 9001 system:

ISO 9001 consulting and implementation, quality management, ISO 9001 auditing, training, technical writing, business analysis, business law, corporate management and strategic leadership.

It's this unique balance of expertise that leads to a ISO 9001 quality management system that truly makes business sense.

Money-Back Guarantee

Our quality manuals, procedures, forms and guides have been rigorously tested and fine-tuned in a wide spectrum of real-life business applications over several years, they have passed the audits by Det Norske Veritas (DNV), and they have helped thousands of companies worldwide achieve ISO 9001 certification.

We promise that you will be as satisfied as all our other customers and back this promise with our Money-Back Guarantee.

ISO 9001 Simplified Money Back Guarantee