Why Use 9001Simplified?

9001Simplified takes a practical, business-oriented approach towards ISO 9001. Cost-effectiveness and efficiency are just two aspects of our ISO 9001 certification tools, upgrade materials and training solutions. In fact, we developed a comprehensive approach towards ISO 9001 - the 9001Simplified System - that is goal-oriented and geared towards adding real value to your business.

Our ISO 9001 certification system is affordable and delivers better results than a traditional consultant. And it's easier to maintain your ISO 9001 certification long-term.

See for yourself how you will benefit - now and as an ISO 9001 certified company:


It's true, ISO 9001 certification is great for marketing. A well-designed ISO 9001 system, however, can also achieve tangible, operational benefits, including increased productivity, reduced scrap and rework, time savings, higher quality and improved customer satisfaction, all of which improving your bottom line. This is where ISO 9001 has the most significant and lasting impact on your business.

That's why we developed our uniquely business-friendly system that goes well beyond just getting you ISO 9001 certification.

Cost-effective ISO 9001 certification

Business Sense at the Core

Merely fulfilling ISO 9001:2015 requirements is not the difficult part - but converting ISO 9001 requirements into processes that make your company more efficient... that's our special expertise.

We analyze each ISO 9001:2015 requirement from a business point of view. Then we design the most business-friendly processes that meet those requirements.

Every single procedure and instruction in our ISO 9001 materials was created with this question in mind: "How does this ISO 9001:2015 requirement serve the company and increase its efficiency?" This design choice is the foundation and core of the 9001Simplified System.


Contrary to popular opinion, ISO 9001 does not need to be bureaucratic paperwork. We prove this point through our ISO 9001 system that's fully ISO 9001:2015 compliant but liberated of bureaucracy and unnecessary paperwork.

each process and sub-process is analyzed and fine-tuned to eliminate bureaucracy

elimination of redundant paperwork and unnecessary references

streamlining or elimination of widely-used but inefficient processes

simplification through integration of required ISO 9001 documents

"Say no to paperwork and bureaucracy!" - it's another feature that sets us apart from common ISO 9001 documentation.

Broad Acceptance

As it is quite obvious how our unique system improves work processes, employees and managers alike generally appreciate our approach and readily accept and support their new ISO 9001 system. Broad support for ISO 9001 is not only a key factor in the success of your ISO 9001 system but also the foundation for a more productive workforce with less turnover.

Reduced Liability Exposure

Our ISO 9001 documentation templates were written in consultation with business attorneys in order to reduce your company's liability exposure. As a result, the following features have been included:

a process that helps protect you from excessive customer claims

a process to reduce liability exposure due to your suppliers' faults

refined wording - to minimize the risk that your ISO 9001 documentation is used against you in a legal case

Liability exposure can be a significant problem – our refined ISO 9001 procedures help mitigate this threat.

Easy to Do

ISO 9001 can be easy or difficult - depending on the tools you use and the expertise you tap. Countering a trend often fostered by consultants, 9001Simplified provides you with tools that are so easy to use that virtually anybody can implement and maintain a business-friendly ISO 9001 system by themselves - with all the benefits of doing it in-house.

Sorry, consultants, but now "Everybody Can Do ISO 9001".

Cost-effective ISO 9001 certification

ISO 9001 Certification for Beginners

It only takes five steps to achieve ISO 9001 certification even for beginners - if you take our practical, no-nonsense approach that achieves its goals quickly without countless meetings, sub-committees and unnecessary Gantt charts. Our "simplified" system will guide you to ISO 9001 certification in five steps that are straight-forward, free of bureaucratic hurdles and easy enough for beginners. Any small to midsize organization worldwide can implement ISO 9001 using our system. Ideal for beginners.

Simple Language

All our instructions as well as our templates are written in clear, plain English. We don't use technical terms nor do we adopt a complicated "ISO language". This way, all our materials are easy to use – without a dictionary. After all, the ISO 9001 documentation should be a real business tool rather than an academic exercise. To fully appreciate the difference, try to read the ISO 9001 documents of others!

Free Consulting

Just because our tools are so easy to use doesn't mean that we leave you alone with them. With us, you don't need to rely on a "forum" or "call center" staffed by sales people. All our ISO 9001 products come with free support by our experienced ISO 9001 professionals. And if you are implementing ISO 9001 using our ISO 9001 Certification Package, you will receive free e-Consulting (remote consulting).

No matter if you need assistance with the certification process or are looking for the best way of adopting our processes to a unique situation, we are happy to assist. There is no limit to our support and we will never charge you any consulting fees. We are available 7 days a week and will provide prompt and professional advice and assistance. And did we mention that we will never charge you for our consultant support?

Sorry, consultants, but we do it for free.


Everybody wants to save money and get the ISO 9001 certification accomplished as quickly as possible. We are not only offering our products at competitive prices but we developed an inexpensive approach that enables you to implement the ISO 9001 standard completely without the need for expensive consultants. Even more importantly, our system is designed to give you a highly efficient ISO 9001 quality management system that increases productivity and achieves ongoing monetary savings.

Cost-effective ISO 9001 certification

Inexpensive Products

Our goal is to reverse the trend and make ISO 9001 a business management tool that improves quality and efficiency - not only for companies with large budgets but also for small and startup businesses. That's why all our products, ranging from ISO 9001 implementation tools to software to training, are priced so competitively.

Inexpensive Approach

ISO 9001 certification requires an investment in time and money but - if done right - payback makes it well worthwhile. 9001Simplified not only focuses on the payback side but also minimizes your investment.

Our approach to ISO 9001 is in-house implementation with the best support tools, ranging from our comprehensive ISO 9001 implementation kit to multimedia and online training. Not only is the initial investment significantly lower than when using a consultant, the resulting ISO 9001 system - when facilitated by a company insider - fits the company better and requires zero ongoing consulting fees.

Less Time = Less Money

Our system enables you to achieve ISO 9001 certification, make improvements to an existing ISO 9001 system and perform your ISO 9001 processes in less time. Contributing factors include:

No need for a consultant to spend (paid) time learning about your company - an existing company insider can do it.

Don't repeat typical mistakes but start out with best practices - our products include decades of combined experience of our ISO 9001 experts.

Shorter learning curve through self-explanatory forms and checklists and user-friendly instructions.

The business benefits of our ISO 9001 procedures and instructions are obvious, so that your staff and management will find them easy and quick to adopt.

Our genuine template system minimizes the writing of ISO 9001 documentation, saving you virtually hundreds of hours.

Our multimedia DVD courses and online training allow for effective learning without travel.

Ongoing Savings

Many companies focus on quick and easy ISO 9001 certification without realizing that the ISO 9001 quality management system will have a profound impact on business operations and, ultimately, profitability. We never lost sight of this all-important aspect and the fact that efficiency is key in any business.

A good ISO 9001 system increases efficiency and productivity - not create an operational burden. Our unique approach to ISO 9001 is lean, goal-oriented and highly efficient so that your ISO 9001 system achieves all its intended benefits while using up only minimal resources in terms of time and money.

Custom Fit

Utilizing an implementation kit and pre-written, customizable templates for ISO 9001 documentation can be the best approach to ISO 9001 if - and only if - those templates are fully customized to meet the unique situation of your company. 9001Simplified tackled this challenge head-on so that you can get a truly custom-fit ISO 9001 system.

ISO 9001 tailored to your needs

Unique Configuration Options

Is your company a service provider or a manufacturing company? Or maybe a combination? Single location? Multiple sites? Every company and organization is different - but we have the right product version for you.

Most of our products can be automatically configured to fit your individual needs - prior to purchase. Tailoring the ISO 9001 Certification Package to your company's individual circumstances allows not only for easier and faster ISO 9001 certification but also for a more effective quality management system. Configuration of the ISO 9001:2015 Upgrade Package even takes into account how much of your existing ISO 9001 system needs improvement.

We give you many options - because "one size never fits all".

Genuine Templates

Templates are the most common approach to developing ISO 9001 documentation (even consultants use them) because it's easy, fast and based on established best practices. The key to making the template approach work is customizing and adopting the templates to your company's individual circumstances so that the resulting ISO 9001 documentation truly and fully fits your needs.

Our templates are genuine templates - we developed them from ground up to be customized and individualized. Templates go hand-in-hand with the all-important customization instructions. Our customization instructions are detailed and extensive (not merely annotations within templates).

Our combination of genuine templates and extensive customization instructions facilitates the easy development of ISO 9001 documentation that fits your company's circumstances, its its work processes, its management style and its culture.

Options for Companies With Single and Multiple Locations

Our ISO 9001 implementation and upgrade products can be automatically configured not only for single-site companies but also for companies with multiple physical locations.

If your company has multiple physical locations, you will benefit enormously from our optional, multi-site setup which allows for a certain degree of autonomy at the local level while still ensuring compliance with corporate policy. The multi-site setup also ensures that you won't have to duplicate your ISO 9001 system for each site (which would be quite inefficient).

Process Format or Standard Format - Your Choice

Documentation forms the foundation of any ISO 9001 system. Even the documentation structure can impact the efficiency of your quality management system. To address different needs, our ISO 9001 implementation and upgrade products can be automatically configured to business-process format or standard format.

Our proprietary process structure is designed to mirror your business processes. The process format is particularly easy to use and quick to implement. In other words, a real business tool. The standard format is ideal for companies that want to integrate their ISO 9001 quality management system with another management system (for example, ISO 14001). Standard format adopts the structure and numbering system of the ISO 9001:2015 standard.

Quality You Can Trust

The quality of your ISO 9001 system has a profound impact on your company's operations, making it imperative to chose your supplier with care and diligence. Please compare us with others and make an informed decision.

Cost-effective ISO 9001 certification


All our products were developed by experienced ISO 9001 professionals, each having been involved in ISO 9001 for over a decade. In fact, an entire cross-functional team of experts with expertise in other related areas has been contributing their expertise in ISO 9001 consulting and implementation, quality management, ISO 9001 auditing, training, technical writing, business analysis, business law, corporate management and strategic leadership.

It's this unique combination of expertise that puts the business sense in your ISO 9001 quality management system.

Fine-Tuned and Tested

Our materials have been rigorously tested and fine-tuned in a wide spectrum of real-life business applications over several years, they have passed the audits by Det Norske Veritas (DNV), and they have helped several thousand companies worldwide successfully achieve ISO 9001 certification.


Our professionalism is not only reflected in substance but also in design, layout and presentation. For example, our ISO 9001 templates are professionally laid out and include illustrations and useful summaries in the side margin. This feature will make your ISO 9001 documentation not only more user-friendly but also demonstrates the professionalism of your company.

All New for ISO 9001:2015

The 2015 revision of ISO 9001 gave us an opportunity to review, revise and redesign our ISO 9001 certification products. We applied a rigorous approach that ensures that all our materials are 100% current and compliant with all ISO 9001:2015 requirements and their latest, accepted interpretations.

Money-Back Guarantee

Try our products without risk! We promise that you will be as satisfied as thousands of other customers, and we back this promise with our full Money-Back Guarantee ensuring you a full refund in the unlikely case that you are not completely happy.

Great to Improve an Existing ISO 9001 System

Is your company already ISO 9001 certified - but your quality management system is a burden? Lots of paperwork - instead of increased efficiency? No support from top management - though it's meant to be a useful management tool? Audits that are feared - rather than welcomed as opportunities for improvement?

We have a solution for you.

Cost-effective ISO 9001 certification

Quick and Easy Transition to ISO 9001:2015

If you missed the deadline to transition from the now obsolete ISO 9001:2008 to ISO 9001:2015, no need to despair. And no need to waste time getting re-certified. If you want the fastest and easiest transition to ISO 9001:2015, then the 9001Simplified System allows you to keep most of your existing ISO 9001:2008 system in place and only make the minimum changes. Or - if you want to use the upgrade as opportunity for improvement - configure our ISO 9001:2015 Upgrade Package to include all new procedures, forms along with a detailed upgrade guide.

Improvement Tools

Build upon those parts of your ISO 9001 system that work and improve upon those that don't. We offer many improvement tools, ranging from templates for business-friendly ISO 9001 documentation to efficient forms, effective audit tools, comprehensive internal auditor training, and engaging courses to gain staff buy-in.

Comprehensive Upgrade

If you are thoroughly unhappy with your current ISO 9001 system, we have a solution for you: conduct a complete upgrade using our ISO 9001:2015 Upgrade Package and automatically configure to not only match the precise needs of your company but also to include all new procedures, forms and detailed instructions.

Whatever your circumstances even as an ISO 9001 certified company, we have you covered with many versions and configuration options.

Enjoyable, Fast and Efficient Learning

Training can have a profound impact on your company. No, we are not only talking about the high cost and time requirements of traditional classroom training. Besides increasing knowledge, training can create motivation, buy-in and increased productivity.

See how our innovative training options can benefit your company.

Cost-effective ISO 9001 certification

Study Where You Are

We lower the barrier to learning through our interactive online training and multimedia DVD video courses. Now you can study where you are - no travel necessary. You can even take your course along with you and continue learning in the office, at home or wherever you are.

Learn at Your Own Pace

Our training solutions let you decide when and how fast you want to learn. Start anytime, pause and resume as you want. Repeat lessons as you need. Your ISO 9001 course is available when you are.

Independent Learning

Ideal for businesses and individuals: each learner can enroll into their online training independently using their unique license code. DVD courses can be viewed independently by individuals or in group settings.

Efficient Learning

Our multimedia ISO 9001 training is effective, time-saving and surprisingly enjoyable; all you need to do is put the DVD in the DVD player and press start. And our interactive online training even adapts to your own, personal learning needs; it's like one-on-one instruction.


Low course fees and zero travel expenses to attend public classes ensure cost-effective learning. Groups may watch the same, low-priced DVD.

Consistently High Quality

The best instructors and experts have fine-tuned every little detail of our ISO 9001 courses. Whenever and wherever you take one of our courses, you are guaranteed the same high quality - consistently.

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ISO 9001 Simplified Money-Back Guarantee