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ISO 9001 Affiliate Program

Our new affiliate program allows you to earn 20% commission when marketing the very best ISO 9001 materials and training.

The Opportunity

For any modern business, ISO 9001 is hugely important as it can help them to improve customer satisfaction but also become more efficient. As you can imagine, there is much demand for ISO 9001 accreditation but many businesses are not completely sure what their next step should be – but this is where you can help as an affiliate.

When you become an affiliate, you'll be marketing and advertising some of the best quality management related materials and services on your website or social media channels. You don't need to own the products you are selling – we'll take care of the clients and the transactions. Your affiliate dashboard will show which of your leads converted into sales. Affiliate marketing has seen tremendous growth over the past ten years and is forecast to become the strongest marketing force in the coming years.

15% of e-commerce revenue can be attributed to affiliate marketing.

Business Insider

Our ISO 9001 affiliate program is a lucrative opportunity that pays a commission of 20%. When you consider that the majority of products cost several hundred dollars, you could earn a considerable amount, especially when there is a constant supply of businesses looking to become accredited.

You will attract companies of all sizes but on the whole, companies require ISO training for many people. For example, a midsize company may want to train a team of ten auditors and purchase ten seats of our online course, with each seat priced at USD 445. If you attract the customer who purchases ten seats, you'll earn a commission of USD 990 – clear proof of just how much and how quickly you could enhance your earnings. There are over 1 million companies already certified and the demand for ISO 9001 materials, services and training is continually increasing. So are your earnings opportunities.

You'll Be Selling the Best Products

If you become an affiliate and put your name to ISO 9001 products, you need to know that you are offering the very best out there. 9001Simplified is not only a pioneer in Do-It-Yourself certification kits but also the only provider that offers our uniquely simplified approach that truly helps businesses become more efficient. As an Exemplar Global Certified Trainer and Examiner, 9001Simplified offers training of the highest quality.

When you become an affiliate, you can feel confident advertising our products and that will give your clients confidence at the same time, all of which will help you to increase sales, attract more people and generate more revenue and commissions.

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