ISO 9001 Affiliate Program

2 January 2024

Participate in our new affiliate program and earn a competitive 20% commission by promoting top-tier ISO 9001 materials and training. Joining the program is completely free!

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The Opportunity

ISO 9001 is the world's best known and most popular quality management standard. ISO 9001 certification unlocks marketing opportunities and increases operational efficiency. Many businesses, however, are uncertain about their next steps toward accreditation. This is where you, as an affiliate, can make a significant difference.

As an affiliate, your role is to market and promote some of the best ISO 9001 certification tools, services, and training via your website or social media platforms. You only need to send potential clients our way. Your affiliate dashboard tracks lead conversions into sales. Affiliate marketing has witnessed tremendous growth over the last decade and is projected to emerge as a dominant marketing force in the future.

15% of e-commerce revenue can be attributed to affiliate marketing.

Business Insider

Earnings Potential

Our ISO 9001 affiliate program offers an attractive 20% commission. Given that most products have a price tag in the hundreds and thousands, your potential earnings can be substantial, particularly with a continuous stream of businesses seeking accreditation.

Your target clientele spans businesses of varying sizes, often requiring ISO training for numerous employees. For example, if you refer a single midsize company that seeks training for a team of ten auditors, your commission would amount to over USD 1,400 – a clear illustration of the potential for attractive earnings. There are over 1 million certified companies and the demand for ISO 9001 materials, services and training continues to grow. So are your earnings opportunities.

You'll Be Selling Premier Products

Becoming an affiliate means aligning yourself with the best ISO 9001 products. 9001Simplified not only pioneered Do-It-Yourself certification kits but also offers an exclusive simplified approach that really helps businesses become more efficient. And as an Exemplar Global Certified Training Provider and Examiner, 9001Simplified delivers the highest quality training.

When you become an affiliate, endorsing our products lends credibility to your offerings, instilling confidence in your clients. This boosts sales, attracts more clients, and increases both revenue and commissions.

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