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14 April 2022

After a rigorous audit 9001Simplified achieved the prestigious status as Exemplar Global Certified Training Provider and Examiner (TPECS). 9001Simplified is now one of the few training organizations worldwide allowed to administer certified exams and issue Exemplar Global Competency Units.

Exemplar Global

Formerly known as RABQSA, Exemplar Global is a not-for-profit organization with over 30 years of expertise building certification programs for the conformity community. Exemplar Global's independent certification for training providers enhances their course quality. It's a hallmark of excellence.

The Highest Level: TPECS Status

In order to achieve TPECS status, training providers have to go through a comprehensive evaluation process. The first step of the certification process for training providers looks at the design, development, and delivery of course framework. Then the course and assessment outcomes are certified against a range of popular ISO management system standards.

Exemplar Global distinguishes between two levels of course providers: TPECS (Training Provider and Examiner Certification Scheme) and RTP (Recognized Training Provider). While TPECS status is only awarded after a rigorous audit of courses, exams and course delivery processes, RTP status is easily achieved and doesn't require an audit of each course. Only TPECS status enables training providers to issue the prestigious Exemplar Global Competency Units.

Training Provider & Examiner Certification Scheme

Benefits for Students

Our status as a certified TPECS Training Provider and Examiner provides our clients with numerous benefits:

Quality:  Our accreditation gives you the confidence that our courses meet international standards and that you're learning from the best.

Certified Competencies:  Much more than showing that training has been completed, your Certificate of Attainment with Exemplar Global Competency Units provides certified proof that a specific level of competence has been acquired.

Worldwide Acceptance:  Your course certificate with Exemplar Global certification mark gives you the confidence that your credentials are accepted worldwide.

Personnel Certification:  Your Certificate of Attainment with Exemplar Global Competency Units makes you eligible for Exemplar Global personnel certification.

Professional Development:  As a graduate, you'll gain access to a wide range of professional development tools (for example, a work-style assessment) and continuing professional development opportunities through access to a series of tailored learning content, webinars, online articles, and events.

Networking:  As a graduate, you'll gain access to the exclusive ExemplarLink community to interact with other graduates and industry professionals to promote networking opportunities and skill sharing.

Below is a list of the Exemplar Global competencies you will obtain as part of our courses:

Exemplar Global QM:  Quality Management Systems

Exemplar Global AU:  Auditing Management Systems

Exemplar Global TL:  Leading Audit Teams

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