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ISO 9001 Gap Analysis

ISO 9001 Gap Analysis

Choose from the options below to make your ISO 9001 Gap Analysis fit your company's individual circumstances - it will make the checklist even more user-friendly.


Which selection is right for you? Selecting the appropriate industry will make the checklist easier to use at your company.

Choose "Manufacturing company" if your company only manufactures products.

Choose "Service provider" if your company only provides services.

If you are unsure, or if your company provides services and delivers products, choose "Products and services".

Manufacturing company

Service provider

Products and services

Company Locations

Which selection is right for you? Typically, ISO 9001 systems are designed for companies with a single physical location. 9001Simplified, however, has an efficient solution for companies with multiple physical locations as well.

Choose "Single location" if your company has a single physical location, if there are multiple locations in close proximity, or if there are multiple locations that are centrally controlled.

Choose "Multiple sites" if your company has multiple physical locations (for example, several manufacturing facilities in different countries, or independent divisions in several cities) with independent (or semi-autonomous) local management.

If you are unsure, choose "Single location".

Single location

Multiple sites

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