ISO 9001 Certification at Kingpin Dynamics – A Case Study

The focus of this case study is Kingpin Dynamics, a one-person engineering company led solely by Tayfun Hekimoglu, an accomplished engineer. The small company took on the challenge of implementing ISO 9001 independently, leveraging the comprehensive 9001Simplified Certification Toolkit.

Kingpin Dynamics

Operating as a one-person entity based in Trollhättan, Sweden, Kingpin Dynamics specializes in automotive chassis systems. The company offers bespoke engineering services encompassing product and process development, project management, and advanced research in engineering systems and products.


Kingpin Dynamics took only one month to implement ISO 9001


ISO 9001 certification was single-handedly achieved at a one-person company


Only one minor nonconformity was raised during the certification audit

ISO 9001 Implementation Journey

Kingpin Dynamics embarked on the ISO 9001 certification journey driven primarily by marketing considerations. Recognizing the potential to enhance visibility, improve competitiveness, and secure contracts, the decision for certification was based initially on its appeal to potential clients.

However, during the implementation process, the company discovered intrinsic benefits, recognizing the pivotal role of a robust quality management system in facilitating potential growth.

Selection of Implementation Approach

After extensive research and assessing various implementation methods, Kingpin Dynamics opted for the 9001Simplified Do-It-Yourself approach, utilizing the ISO 9001 Certification Toolkit.

It should be noted that the decision to select this DIY kit over consultancy services was partially based on cost considerations. However, what ultimately favored this decision was the toolkit's suitability for a one-person operation, its structured implementation method, including step-by-step instructions and comprehensive, self-paced online training. As Tayfun Hekimoglu, the CEO of Kingpin, stated, this method was deemed "the most effective way to acquire and fully comprehend information."

The DIY implementation process has provided me with valuable insights and skills, greatly benefiting my role as an engineer.

Tayfun Hekimoglu
Founder and Managing Director
Kingpin Dynamics

Implementation Phase

Undertaking the ISO 9001 implementation within a one-person company initially posed challenges but soon transformed into a rewarding experience. Tayfun Hekimoglu, the owner, managing director, and sole employee of the company, took on the additional roles of implementer and auditor, spearheading the implementation process.

To prepare for the task at hand, Tayfun began by completing the various online courses offered within the toolkit. Considering his specific responsibilities within the company, he started with a brief employee introduction before progressing to the comprehensive executive training. Additionally, Tayfun participated in a unique course designed specifically for department managers.

Following these courses, Tayfun dedicated time to equip himself for the implementation phase. He completed the thorough implementer training program and further enhanced his knowledge by undertaking the advanced lead auditor course. During each training session, Tayfun utilized the Study Guide to capture detailed notes and record valuable insights and ideas.

By adhering to the training instructions and methodically following the Project Guide step by step, getting started is not a challenging task.

Tayfun Hekimoglu
Founder and Managing Director
Kingpin Dynamics

Tayfun's experience in implementing ISO 9001 at Kingpin Dynamics highlights the benefits of using a pre-configured toolkit (in this case, specifically tailored for service providers at a single location). Accompanying this were prewritten templates and step-by-step instructions that made the implementation process easier by breaking it down into manageable tasks. Tayfun also mentioned that he didn't require additional training, and the free consulting included with the toolkit was only accessed a couple of times.

The engineer describes his experience, "I simply adhered to the instructions, maintaining a concentrated approach that avoided constant switching between various documents. The kit is well-structured and descriptive, so I did not encounter any difficulties."

In just one month, the ISO 9001 system was fully established at Kingpin Dynamics. It was at this point that Tayfun embraced the additional role of internal auditor to conduct a complete audit of the quality management system. Later, during the certification audit, the lack of distinct roles between the auditor and the auditee was flagged as a minor nonconformity.

Despite the challenges of implementing ISO 9001 while managing regular work in a one-person company, Tayfun's commitment and positive attitude remained unchanged throughout the process. Reflecting on his journey, Tayfun offers some insight, "To truly succeed, it's crucial to sustain a consistent focus from start to finish, extending from the training phase right through to the certification process."

Certification Audit

Kingpin Dynamics, guided by the suggestions received through the 9001Simplified Registrar Finder tool, selected BSI as their registrar. After completing the first part of the certification audit (stage 1), which involved reviewing the ISO 9001 documentation and evaluating readiness, Tayfun shared his excitement: "Today was Stage 1 and the auditor commended my thorough preparation. He was very satisfied and no nonconformities were identified."

Following the successful stage 1 audit, BSI scheduled the stage 2 certification audit for the next month. During this stage, BSI remotely assessed Kingpin Dynamics' quality management processes, the effectiveness of their system, and their compliance with the ISO 9001 standard. The one-day audit was also a success, resulting in only one minor nonconformity, which was the lack of separation between the internal auditor (Tayfun) and the auditee (himself).

To address this issue, Kingpin's next internal audit will either be executed by a colleague with expertise in ISO 9001 auditing or will be outsourced to 9001Simplified. After documenting the resolution in a corrective action plan and submitting it to BSI, Kingpin Dynamics was proudly awarded its ISO 9001 certification in November 2023.


Kingpin Dynamics decided to pursue ISO 9001 certification with the goal of expanding their services, hiring staff, and growing the company in a structured and organized manner. While just two weeks post-certification it's premature to measure the marketing gains of the certification, Kingpin's clients are already aware of it and anticipate improvements in the overall quality of project deliveries. This, in turn, is expected to drive increased sales and project awards.

Implementing ISO 9001 hands-on gave me valuable insights into quality management, and enabled me to approach my daily engineering tasks with a heightened focus on quality.

Tayfun Hekimoglu
Founder and Managing Director
Kingpin Dynamics

The operational advantages, which were not the initial impetus for certification, are already evident in the form of reduced rework and improved efficiency. Tayfun, the engineer behind Kingpin Dynamics, shares, "Implementing ISO 9001 hands-on gave me valuable insights into quality management, and enabled me to approach my daily engineering tasks with a heightened focus on quality."

Granted, the journey was challenging, especially for a one-person company to implement ISO 9001 in-house without neglecting regular work. However, Tayfun affirms that it was worth every effort. Looking ahead, Kingpin Dynamics plans to "definitely maintain ISO 9001" and concurrently implement ISO 14001.

Are you, too, a small company in quest of ISO 9001 certification? Take the same approach as Kingpin Dynamics, implement the quality system in-house and gain operational benefits.

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