Why 9001Simplified?

9001Simplified – because it's about your money, your time, and your peace of mind. The ISO 9001 standard – and our products – directly affect your business operations, even your bottom line. That's a big responsibility for us. A responsibility we're ready for.


Why Choose 9001Simplified

Start your project with the confidence that you'll reach ISO 9001 certification – without mistakes or wasted time. Do it yourself with our proven toolkit, or let our consultants do it for you and we guarantee you'll get certified.

You don't need prior experience to get your company certified. Our Certification Toolkit includes everything you need, including training, step-by-step instructions and detailed explanations. Implementation tasks are as simple as possible. The kit is well organized and written in plain English.

Great Support
Never get stuck with our Do-It-Yourself tools. Our ISO 9001 experts offer free and unlimited support. You'll always get personal attention and we won't switch consultants on you.

Track Record
Since 2003 we have been making simplified, value-adding ISO 9001 tools available – and affordable – to over 5000 clients worldwide. We published the first genuine template system and the original Do-It-Yourself certification kit. With a customer satisfaction rate of 98.8% it's unlikely you'll make use of our 30-Day Money-Back Guarantee.

No Bureaucracy

There are many ways to implement ISO 9001 requirements. We look beyond the words of the standard in order to minimize paperwork and eliminate non-essential processes from our procedures and forms. We adopt an equally streamlined approach to our instructions and training.

Because We'll Make You Better

Over 55% of certified companies face severe underperformance due to structural problems in their ISO 9001 systems. Our approach is designed to eliminate these problems and pitfalls.

Efficient Processes
All our products are designed to increase efficiencies. We develop our processes by analyzing each ISO 9001:2015 requirement from a business perspective with this question in mind: "How does this requirement benefit the company and increase efficiency?"

Long-Term Success
Long-term success depends on employee buy-in and management commitment – both of which must be earned. Our effective training gets everybody on board and the handover process of our consultants creates ownership, but it's the obvious benefits of your new, simplified processes that ensure long-term success.

Value-Adding Integration
We achieve efficiencies by combining individual ISO requirements and integrating them with your existing management processes. This creates a real business tool which all levels of your organization will benefit from.

Custom Fit

Key to success is an ISO 9001 system that fits your company. We focus on adapting requirements to your needs – not the other way around. Your quality system will be tailored to your situation no matter if our consultants do it for you, or you do it yourself using our training, templates or detailed customization tutorials.

Because Benefits Outweigh Costs

Many companies pay more for ISO 9001 certification than they ever gain from it. According to standardization expert Prof. Henk de Vries, this problem can always be traced back to "wrong implementation".

We do implementation right so that your gains outweigh the cost.

Low Cost
Our certification toolkit is not only affordable but – more importantly – it minimizes your overall cost of implementation. Numerous factors contribute to a quicker and less resource-intensive implementation, including the kit's ease of use and the simplified ISO 9001 processes.

Low Maintenance
Maintaining ISO 9001 certification costs money. Simplifying your quality system processes and integrating them into your existing management activities are just some of the ways we use to minimize the cost of continued certification.

Value Added
Tangible operational benefits and cost savings are a direct result of our focus on lean and efficient ISO 9001 processes. But there's more. No matter if you use our on-site consulting, Do-It-Yourself tools or training, our products are filled with practical tips and best practices that you can readily adopt.

Strong Team, Strong Network

Our team consists of senior ISO 9001 experts, all of whom are dedicated to giving you a better, leaner and more affordable ISO 9001 system. And our global partners and network of leading ISO 9001 registrars support our efforts so you'll get certified fast.

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