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9001Simplified provides companies with innovative tools and services to achieve easy ISO 9001 certification and increased productivity. We have simplified ISO for you and gained worldwide recognition for our practical, business-friendly approach.

It all starts with why

The 1990s saw a rise in ISO 9001's popularity and displaying the certificate became fashionable. The focus on quick certification, however, resulted in poorly implemented ISO 9001 systems that burdened operations and hurt efficiency.

9001Simplified is here to reverse the trend by focusing on simplicity and operational benefits.



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Our first truly customizable template kit is introduced. It's a great success and opens our eyes to the needs of companies seeking to implement ISO 9001 in house.


Our first comprehensive ISO 9001 certification kit is published. This Do-It-Yourself kit merges easy certification with an efficient, business-oriented ISO system.


Free and unlimited e-Consulting becomes a feature of our certification kit. A dedicated consultant ensures problem-free implementation in even the most unusual circumstances.


Clients can now configure our products prior to purchase. Automatic configuration paves the way for ISO systems that better suit your needs and are easier to implement.


ISO certification can now be achieved 100% remotely. Everything from custom training and consultancy to certification via our partner registrars is now available as a remote option.


Our new custom hybrid approach merges inexpensive Do-It-Yourself implementation with targeted consultancy to accommodate any situation and budget.


9001Simplified becomes an Exemplar Global Certified Training Provider and Examiner after releasing a new range of online courses that are widely acclaimed to be the finest on the market.

It's about you, our clients

There are now over 5000 of you, spread over 5 continents and more than 50 countries.

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Bank of Palestine

The Certification Toolkit is extremely helpful. Thank you so much for such products, it's well organized, simple, and clear. I needed to read everything several times since this is my first time working with the ISO requirements, so it took little time to handle everything. But the package is doing an amazing job.

Heba Haifa, Projects Manager

APT Manufacturing Solutions

In looking for something to help us to upgrade to the ISO 9001:2015 standard, I came across the 9001Simplified Toolkit. I used Simplified as a great foundation to build a solid QMS that meets all the requirements of the ISO standard. We attained certification without any nonconformances. I highly recommend this product.

Wes Wagner, Quality Control Manager

Ever Ready Pin and Manufacturing

We went through our transition audit last year with no problems. We used the toolkit we bought from 9001Simplified to document the changes for our transition to ISO 9001:2015. We used the kit's Communication Plan, Corporate Environment, Process Matrix and Risk Management tools. The auditor was impressed and everything went smoothly. Glad we found this, and would highly recommend it.

Rick Tyner, Quality Manager

Meet our ISO 9001 Consultants

Experience, integrity and diverse skill sets are all part of us. But it's the passion for ISO 9001 that motivates us. We take interest in your unique situation and provide thoughtful and sensible advice. And for the sake of consistency, we generally don't switch our ISO 9001 experts on you.

Greg Thompson

General Manager

Greg Thompson

In his role as General Manager, Greg is shaping our strategic direction and practical, no-nonsense approach. He also actively engages in support and consulting for clients and takes part in our product development and improvement group.

Greg has extensive experience in ISO 9001. After several management positions with midsize manufacturing companies, Greg became an ISO 9001 auditor in 2002. Since then he has been focusing on quality management systems and has gained considerable experience implementing ISO systems at small and midsize companies around the globe. Greg joined the 9001Simplified team in 2016.

Naomi Sato

Consultant and Product Manager

Naomi Sato

Naomi holds dual responsibility as ISO 9001 consultant and product manager. Naomi's intimate knowledge of our products provides her with the ideal foundation for customer support and consulting, while her first-hand insights gained from client interaction contribute to product development and improvement.

Naomi's background is in finance. She held a a senior position as an auditor for an international auditing firm before transitioning into quality management. Since 2008 Naomi has focused on ISO 9001 as a management consultant, coach and efficiency expert. Her focus is on assisting companies implementing simpler and more effective processes.

Colin Gray

Consultant, Instructor and Lead Auditor

Colin Gray

Colin leads our team of ISO 9001 consultants. He also actively engages in ISO management consulting, teaches several courses and – as IRCA registered QMS Lead Auditor – performs internal audits.

Colin has been consulting, training and auditing thousands of companies in a variety of industries for 30 plus years. While the bulk of his expertise is with the ISO 9000 series of standards, Colin has worked with its industry-specific derivatives and many other management system standards. Colin's focus is on designing simple processes that are effective at organizational control and generate improvement and added value. Outside of 9001Simplified, he is a frequent contributor to conferences and industry-leading organizations.

Melodi Nelson

Consultant, Instructor and Lead Auditor

Melodi Nelson

Melodi is one of our experienced consultants and IRCA registered auditors. In addition, she is a trainer for the IRCA accredited Lead Auditor course and several of our other courses.

Melodi has over 25 years experience in quality management, internal controls and laboratory audits. She began her career in the food industry where she was responsible for internal audits and all international product and farm certifications. Melodi has extensive experience in consulting, support and mentoring companies in numerous international standards but her focus here at 9001Simplified is ISO 9001.

Carl Fallon

Client Support Manager

Carl Fallon

Carl is one of our experienced ISO 9001 consultants and first point of contact for many of our clients worldwide. He is also part of our product development team where he contributes his experience and insights gained from client support.

Carl's background in ISO 9001 includes over 15 years experience as a lead auditor and management consultant. Carl has implemented ISO quality management systems for small and midsize companies throughout North America and Asia. His primary focus is on developing simple processes that increase efficiency and productivity while keeping staff motivated and engaged.

Robin Bathurst

Consultant, Instructor and Lead Auditor

Robin Bathurst

Robin is one of our experienced consultants and IRCA registered auditors. In addition, she is a trainer for the IRCA accredited Lead Auditor course and several of our other courses.

Robin has over 20 years experience in ISO 9001 quality management and process controls in the medical testing, medical devices, and manufacturing industries. Her background includes consulting, directing employees, training, and auditing of ISO 9001 and other related management standards. Here at 9001Simplified, Robin focuses on advanced process controls and consulting, as well as our custom training and auditing.

Simon Keller

Training Manager, Instructor and Lead Author

Simon Keller

Simon is the lead author of our ISO 9001 courses, documentation and instructions. His team consists of our consultants and external professionals with diverse expertise ranging from design to legal issues. Simon is also in charge of our training program and serves as an instructor of several of our custom courses.

Simon's background lies in education and educational writing; he began his career composing user instructions and teaching staff for a large petrochemical company before taking on a key role in the company's ISO 9001 implementation. Over the last 20 plus years, Simon has been applying his skill to explain complex topics in simple language as an instructor, management consultant and architect of numerous ISO 9001 quality management systems. He joined the 9001Simplified team in 2015.

Andrew O'Reilly

Consultant, Instructor and Auditor

Andrew O'Reilly

Andrew is one of our experienced management consultants, an IRCA Certified Auditor, and an engaging instructor for our custom on-site and remote training.

Andrew has an extensive background in financial and service industries as well as traditional manufacturing. Over the last 25 plus years, Andrew has gained much experience in ISO 9001, process management, and continuous improvement. He is a skilled instructor, auditor, and consultant with a passion for improving operational processes and sustaining performance gains. Andrew is also an ASQ-certified Six Sigma Black Belt and a Prosci-certified Change Management Practitioner.

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