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9001Simplified specializes in providing businesses innovative tools to achieve cost-effective ISO 9001 certification and increased productivity. For our customers, this translates to higher efficiency and profitability. Our company applies the same processes and principles, allowing us to become a recognized authority and leader in ISO 9001 quality management.

Our History and Milestones

Back in the 1990s, the popularity of ISO 9001 surged. More and more companies achieved ISO 9001 certification, and then required the same from their suppliers. As a result, an ever increasing number of businesses found themselves needing to get certified quickly, and began focusing more on the certificate than the ISO 9001 processes and operational benefits they generate.

During our audits we could easily identify the problems this situation led to: by focusing entirely on the marketing aspect of ISO 9001, far too many companies ended up with bureaucratic and convoluted quality management systems, operated inefficiently, disappointed their customers, had unpleasant work environments and resisted change. Many companies exposed themselves to legal liability; some conducted their business unethically.

Time for Change

We thought it was time to reverse this trend and use ISO 9001 the way it was originally intended: as a business management tool that improves quality and efficiency. We identified three areas we needed to develop:

Obvious benefits: a blueprint for a business-oriented quality management system that not only improves quality and operational processes but that also makes these benefits obvious to management;

Individualization: a customized approach to adapt this business-oriented ISO 9001 system to the individual needs and requirements of each organization;

Anybody can do it: a fast, easy and inexpensive method to implement this 9001 system and obtain certification.

We realized that only this combination could reverse the trend and help businesses use ISO 9001 as a powerful tool with numerous operational benefits.

In-House: Better and Cheaper

Virtually all companies had been using consultants for ISO 9001 implementation, an approach that not only required a significant budget but was also at the source of the above-described problems. We realized that only in-house ISO 9001 implementation could significantly reduce certification costs while at the same time generate authentic, long-lasting improvement. Only company insiders understand the organization well enough to set up an ISO 9001 system that truly fits. The only problem was that insiders generally lacked experience and knowledge of ISO 9001. In the early 2000s, we came up with an innovative solution.

Product Innovation Milestones - 9001Simplified.com Product Innovation Milestones - 9001Simplified.com

The Beginning: an ISO 9001 Template Kit

It was clear that ISO 9001 certification is best achieved by giving companies simple yet powerful tools to manage the implementation internally. We started developing such tools in the early 2000s by creating an ISO 9001 template kit to enable easy, in-house documentation development. Realizing that this approach will only work if the templates can be customized and individualized to reflect the organization's operations and unique culture, we developed a highly flexible template kit with extensive customization instructions that could be deployed across a wide range of industries, organizations and operational circumstances. Our first, truly customizable template kit for an individualized ISO 9001 quality management system was published in 2004. Customizable forms and checklists - with customization instructions - followed in 2005.

ISO 9001 Certification Kit

Documentation is only one part of ISO 9001. In order for companies to achieve ISO 9001 certification in-house and on a small budget, we developed a complete, easy-to-use certification kit that contained detailed guidance and everything else needed for beginners to set up their own, efficient quality management system. In 2007, 9001Simplified published our first comprehensive ISO 9001 certification kit.

Free Consulting

While continually improving our ISO 9001 certification kit we understood that even the best products and most detailed guidelines have their limitations. There is always the possibility that a specific situation is not addressed in the instructions, that unusual circumstances call for unusual ISO 9001 processes, that special assistance is needed, or that a specific approach needs to be verified. That's when we developed e-Consulting, our unique, remote consulting service. In 2009, 9001Simplified introduced e-Consulting and made it a free feature of our ISO 9001 certification kit.

Automatic Product Configuration

In 2016, 9001Simplified became part of the International Standards Corporation. While allowing us to remain true to our history and roots, the change in ownership brought new resources for product development and expansion. Since then we have improved our products and begun offering ISO 9001 training courses. Most notably we developed an innovative feature that allows customers to automatically configure key characteristics of our products prior to purchase, significantly improving and simplifying ISO 9001 implementation. Automatic product configuration was introduced in 2018.

From our humble beginnings up until the present day, our innovative products and experienced ISO 9001 professionals have enabled thousands of companies worldwide to implement inexpensive, highly efficient ISO 9001 systems that continually improve their bottom line.

The 9001Simplified System

Major innovations and incremental improvements have resulted in the 9001Simplified System - our unique approach to ISO 9001 implementation and maintenance. Today, 9001Simplified supports customers worldwide with valuable information and guidance, a full range of ISO 9001 products, training and expert customer service.

Meet the Team

Our implementation tools and training courses have been developed by experts with extensive experience in ISO 9001 quality management systems, some of whom have been directly involved in writing the ISO 9001 standard. Our free ISO 9001 consulting is provided by equally experienced professionals who share a commitment to delivering customer service excellence. Valuable input and support has been also provided by professionals with diverse skillsets, including technical writers, business analysts, graphic designers, and business attorneys.

Simon Keller - Lead Author

Simon Keller

Simon is the lead author of our ISO 9001 documentation, customization instructions and guidelines. He is assisted by external professionals with expertise in software, design and legal issues.

Simon's educational background is in chemistry; he began his career in the quality control department of a large petrochemical company and eventually played a key role in the company's ISO 9001 implementation. Over the last 20 years Simon has worked as a management consultant and helped set up ISO 9001 systems for service and manufacturing companies. He joined the 9001Simplified team in 2015.

Naomi Sato - Product Development Manager

Naomi Sato

Naomi holds dual responsibility as product development manager and customer service representative. Naomi's intimate knowledge of our products provides her with the ideal foundation for customer support, while her first-hand insights gained from customer interaction contribute to product development and improvement.

Naomi's background is in finance. She held a senior position as an auditor for an international auditing firm before transitioning into quality management. Since 2008 Naomi has been involved with ISO 9001 as a management consultant, coach and efficiency expert.

Greg Thompson - General Manager

Greg Thompson

Greg oversees our operations and provides free consulting and support to customers worldwide. Greg also takes part in product development and improvement.

Greg has extensive experience in ISO 9001. After several management positions with manufacturing companies, Greg became an ISO 9001 internal auditor in 2002, worked as a quality manager and implemented ISO 9001 in-house from scratch, and eventually joined the 9001Simplified team in 2016.

Carl Fallon - Customer Service Manager

Carl Fallon

Carl is our customer service manager and first point of contact for many of our customers worldwide. He is also part of our product development team where he contributes his experience and insights gained from customer support.

Carl's background in ISO 9001 includes 7 years' experience as a lead auditor and 4 years as a consultant. Carl has implemented ISO 9001 quality management systems for companies in the USA, Australia and New Zealand.

Customer Focus

Our customer support is provided by real people - not automated systems - who take interest in your questions and provide thoughtful responses and sensible advice. Our ISO 9001 professionals have at least 10 years' experience in ISO 9001, meaning that at all times customers can be confident in the knowledge our advice is sound and accurate. And for the sake of consistency, we generally don't switch our ISO 9001 experts on you.

Customers may access our dedicated customer support anytime and can expect a prompt, competent response in writing that also takes into consideration any information or issues previously discussed. Customers of our ISO 9001 Certification Package have access to free e-Consulting through their dedicated consultant on regular business days. Technical support for online training is available by email and phone 24/7 to ensure convenience no matter which timezone you are located in.

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