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9001Simplified specializes in providing businesses the tools to achieve both: cost-effective ISO 9001 certification and increased productivity. For our customers, this translates in higher efficiency and profitability. Our company applies the same processes and principles, allowing us to become a recognized authority and leader in ISO 9001 quality management.

How It All Started

Back in the 1990s, the popularity of ISO 9001 surged. More and more companies achieved ISO 9001 certification, then turned around and required the same from their suppliers. An ever increasing number of companies found themselves in a position where they were forced to quickly get ISO 9001 certified. Companies started to focus on the certificate rather than on the ISO 9001 processes and their operational benefits.

During our audits we could easily identify the problems: too many companies used ISO 9001 purely as a marketing tool, too many companies were burdened by their bureaucratic and convoluted ISO 9001 systems that were never intended to be an operational management tool, too many companies ran inefficiently, disappointed their customers, had unpleasant work environments, and resisted change. Many opened themselves up to legal liability, and some conducted their business unethically.

Time for Change

We thought it was time for change. It was time to reverse the trend and use ISO 9001 the way it was intended: as a business management tool that improves quality and efficiency. We identified two areas that we needed to develop:

a blueprint for a business-oriented ISO 9001 quality management system that not only improves quality and operational processes, but that also makes those benefits obvious to management;

an inexpensive, easy and fast method to implement this business-oriented ISO 9001 system.

Establishing 9001Simplified

This was how the idea for the 9001Simplified System was born. Through our website (formerly, established in 2004, we started informing companies worldwide about our system. We are proud to say that over the years, we could help thousands of companies worldwide to achieve a highly efficient ISO 9001 system that not only continually improves their bottom line but that was also inexpensive to implement. Today, under new ownership and as a division of the International Standards Corporation, 9001Simplified supports customers worldwide with valuable information, a full range of ISO 9001 products (all applying the 9001Simplified System), training and expert customer service.

A Team of Experts

Our ISO 9001 implementation tools and courses have been developed by respected experts in ISO 9001 compliance, all of whom have much experience in ISO 9001 quality management systems, and some of whom have been directly involved in the writing of the ISO 9001 standard itself. Valuable input and support has been provided by professionals with diverse skillsets, including technical writers, business analysts, graphic designers, and business attorneys. Contributors include the following respected professionals:

Charles Cianfrani

Charles Cianfrani

Quality professional with global experience in ISO 9001 quality management systems implementation

Expert trainer of quality auditors (ASQ CQA, CQE, CRE)

US expert delegate to ISO/TC 176 within the working group that wrote ISO 9001

Board member of the American Society for Quality

Board member of Drexel University's Quality and Productivity Center

Director of the Customer Focused Quality Group

Practicing auditor with many years of auditing experience

Noted author on ISO 9001 compliance

Jack West

Jack West

Quality professional with over 35 years experience in implementing effective ISO 9001 quality systems focused on lower costs and higher customer satisfaction

Lead US delegate to ISO/TC 176 which produced the ISO 9000 family of standards

Former chairman of the US Technical Advisory Group

Member of the board of directors of the ANSI/ASQ National Accreditation Board (ANAB)

Served on the Board of Examiners for the Malcolm Baldrige National Quality Award

Training auditor and practicing auditor with many years of auditing experience

Noted author on quality management and business consulting

2004 recipient of ASQ's prestigious Freund Marquardt Medal

Willie Carter

Willie Carter

Quality professional and business consultant specializing in ISO 9001 quality management, efficiency, process redesign and advanced quality planning

Faculty member at Roosevelt University teaching graduate and undergraduate courses in statistics, operations management and executive leadership

ASQ Certified Manager of Quality and Organizational Excellence

Board member of the Institute of Management Consultants

Board member of ASQ

Noted author on process improvement and customer satisfaction

Devang Jhaveri

Devang Jhaveri

Quality professional with over 25 years experience in ISO 9001 quality management systems in corporate, consultancy and training environments

Leading ISO 9001 quality management consultant with more than 900 corporate clients in over 35 countries

ICON-GMG Lead Tutor

Organizer of seminars and training classes worldwide and instructor on ISO 9001, 5S lean manufacturing, Kaizen, benchmark, and six sigma

Director of the Global Manager Group and President of the National Centre for Quality Calibration

Certified Lead Auditor for ISO 9001 and other ISO management systems

Noted author on ISO 9001 and business management

Denise Robitaille

Denise Robitaille

Internationally recognized speaker on quality management with years of experience in business and industry

Vice Chair of the U.S. TAG to ISO/TC 176 (the committee responsible for updating ISO 9001)

Organizer of training courses worldwide on such topics as corrective action, management review, auditing, document control and implementing ISO 9001

Recognized as one of the "Drivers of Quality" by Quality Digest

RABQSA Certified Lead Assessor

ASQ Certified Quality Auditor

Noted author of numerous books on quality topics

We realize that providing the best products and useful information alone is not enough in assisting our customers with their ISO 9001 systems. Customers need easy access to competent and prompt customer service whenever they have a question or encounter a difficulty. That's why we take our customer service particularly serious. We provide all customers of our ISO 9001 products with extensive customer support and consulting - completely free of charge. Customers of our online training also have telephone access to our technical support team 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, no matter in which timezone you are located.

Our free ISO 9001 customer service and consulting is provided by real people - not automated systems - who take interest in your questions. Our customer service team consists of experts with at least 10 years experience in ISO 9001 so that you can be sure that our assistance and consulting is accurate. And, for the sake of consistency, we generally don't switch our customer service reps on you.

Meet two representatives of our customer service team who have been supporting many of our customers:

Greg Thompson - Customer Service Manager

Greg Thompson

Greg oversees our customer service department and provides free consulting and customer service to our customers worldwide. In addition, Greg takes part in product development and improvement.

Greg has an extensive background in ISO 9001. After several management positions in manufacturing companies, Greg started as an ISO 9001 internal auditor in 2002, worked as a quality manager and implemented ISO 9001 in house from scratch, and eventually joined the 9001Simplified team in 2016.

Carl Fallon - Senior Customer Service Representative

Carl Fallon

Carl is our senior customer service representative who is the point of contact for most of our customers from the USA, Canada and Americas, for our customers from Europe, Africa and the Middle East, and for our customers from Australia, New Zealand and Asia.

Carl's background in ISO 9001 includes 7 years of experience as lead auditor and 4 years as ISO 9001 consultant. Carl implemented ISO 9001 quality management systems for companies in the USA, Australia and New Zealand.

"It has to make business sense! Always ask how each aspect of your ISO 9001 system helps improve your business; if your answer is not convincing, your ISO 9001 system needs help!" One of the foremost experts in ISO 9001 quality management systems, Thomas J. Hansen is well known for his down-to-earth interpretation of the ISO 9001 standard, his ability to simplify, and his keen business sense.

Author Spotlight

More Than 20 Years of Experience

After his early involvement in ISO 9001 as a quality manager, followed by his work as an ISO 9001 lead auditor, Mr. Hansen has been developing and implementing ISO 9001 quality management systems since 1999. Working in both the services and manufacturing sectors, Mr. Hansen set up ISO 9001 systems and achieved ISO 9001 certification for numerous offices and production facilities throughout the USA, Europe and Central America.

A Record of Success

Mr. Hansen's successes include:

100% Success: every single company for which Mr. Hansen developed and implemented an ISO 9001 system achieved certification during their first audit.

Under Budget: Mr. Hansen always achieved ISO 9001 certification on time and by up to 60% under budget.

Fast: on average Mr. Hansen has personally achieved ISO 9001 certifications for more than 5 companies per year; even his very first company reached certification from the ground up in only 2½ months.

Efficiency: Mr. Hansen's business-oriented approach to ISO 9001 has been applauded by industry observers, auditors and company employees alike.

Drawing from his extensive experience in auditing and implementing ISO 9001 quality management systems, Mr. Hansen was one of the principle visionaries and developers of the unique 9001Simplified System, as well as the lead author of many of our ISO 9001 templates, forms and guides.

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