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9001Simplified is approaching ISO 9001 differently.

But is 9001Simplified approaching ISO 9001 better?

Read and evaluate for yourself if our simplified business-first approach is right for your ISO 9001 project.

About our Company

9001Simplified specializes in providing businesses the tools to achieve both: cost-effective ISO 9001 certification and increased productivity. For our customers, this translates in higher businesses' efficiency and profitability. Our company is completely internet-based, which enables us to reduce overhead and operate efficiently, while providing excellent customer service.

The Idea for our Company

The idea for our company was born out of the realization that most companies could be improved: some are inefficient, some disappoint their customers, some have an unpleasant work environment, some open themselves up to legal liability, some conduct business unethically, some resist necessary change, some are burdened by a bureaucratic ISO 9001 system and so on.

We believe that all of these shortcomings are opportunities for improvement, and that true and long-lasting improvement is best achieved by giving a company simple yet powerful tools to achieve its improvement internally. We further believe that these tools do not need to be expensive.

Through our website 9001Simplified.com (formerly ISO9000Simplified.com), established in 2004, we provide businesses with inexpensive tools to set up an ISO 9001 quality management systems that truly improves business operations.

Extensive hands-on Experience

In order to be able to guide your cost-effective ISO 9001 certification and real business improvement, it is necessary to have extensive, cross-functional business experience. Our team has over 20 years hands-on experience not only in ISO 9001 consulting and implementation but in all functions needed to develop a comprehensive, business-friendly ISO 9001 solution: quality management, ISO 9001 auditing, training, technical writing, business analysis, business law, corporate management and strategic leadership, as well as hands-on experience in manufacturing and service positions. It's this experience that makes a difference, and we share this extensive experience with you through our ISO 9001 tools and our customer service.

Personal Approach to Customer Service

We not only sell uniquely business-friendly guides and templates to easily achieve ISO 9001 certification but we also provide extensive customer support and consulting - completely free for our customers. We want you to succeed in implementing a truly efficient and user-friendly ISO 9001 quality management system, and we are happy to assist you using our products.

We take pride in our customer service. As an internet-based business, we chose email as the most efficient communications channel. We make ourselves available to our customers in a very personal manner as we respond to all emails quickly and personally, and we do not use automated systems with “shelved” responses.

No-Risk Shopping

While our communications are very personal, our purchasing process is fully automated and completely secure. All credit card transactions are encrypted and securely processed by our PCI certified payment processor using the latest Verified by Visa technology.

We recognize that some individuals may feel uneasy about internet purchases. To give you the necessary reassurances that you can fully rely on us for your ISO 9001 certification needs, we offer you our Money-Back Guarantee and third-party bonding of your purchase through the buySAFE Bond Guarantee:

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About the Lead Author

ISO 9001 training

"It has to make business sense! Always ask how each aspect of your ISO 9001 system helps improve your business; if your answer is not convincing, your ISO 9001 system needs help!" One of the foremost experts in ISO 9001 quality management systems, Mr. Hanzl is well known for his down-to-earth interpretation of the ISO 9001 standard, his ability to simplify, and his keen business sense.

More than 20 Years of Experience

Starting as ISO 9001 Project Manager and Manager for Quality and Best Practices, Mr. Hanzl has been developing and implementing ISO 9001 quality management systems since 1997. Working in both the services and manufacturing sectors, Mr. Hanzl set up ISO 9001 systems and achieved ISO 9001 certification for numerous offices and production facilities throughout the USA, Europe and Central America.

A Record of Success

Mr Hanzl's successes include:

100% Success: every single company for which Mr. Hanzl developed and implemented an ISO 9001 system achieved certification during their first audit.

Under Budget: Mr. Hanzl always achieved ISO 9001 certification on time and by up to 60% under budget.

Fast: on average Mr. Hanzl has personally achieved ISO 9001 certifications for more than 5 companies per year; even his very first company reached certification from the ground up in only 2½ months.

Efficiency: Mr. Hanzl's business-oriented approach to ISO 9001 has been applauded by industry observers, auditors and company employees alike.

The unique Simplified System

Drawing from his extensive experience implementing ISO 9001 quality management systems, Mr. Hanzl and his team developed the foundation of the unique 9001Simplified system. After acquiring the exclusive rights from Mr. Hanzl, we advanced Mr. Hanzl's original system, refined and applied it to business situations and created the unique 9001Simplified system. The products offered on this website are based on Mr. Hanzl's best.

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